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Leadership Camp

Each summer, Tennessee FFA offers an incredible leadership opportunity. 
As a member, you're invited to visit camp Clements where you'll develop a handful of communication skills,
team cooperation techniques, and leadership abilities necessary for anything you will do.
But of course, in a fun and interactive environment!

Throughout the week, you will be put on sports teams, go to academic classes pertaining to FFA and agriculture,
and make strong connections with members all across the state.
This is not only a time for personal growth, but as well as chapter bonding.

Some of the activities offered are:
-swimming events 
and many more!


Most participants describe this more as a vacation than an actual camp. 
Going to Leadership camp will broaden your horizons and help you grow 
to make the impact every FFA member has the potential to make.

Camp Clements is located at 5401 Sparkmantown Road in Doyle, TN
and lasts Monday through Friday during a week in the summer.
If you are interested in attending or want further information,
please let your advisor know so we can get you on the bus!


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