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What is FFA?

"We believe in the future of agriculture."

What is FFA?
FFA is a national organization for middle through high school 
students to expand their knowledge on agriculture and leadership.
Although we may be solely characterized by the words, "Future Farmers of America", that is not all we are.
In this organization, you will find the widest selection of pathways and careers than any other. 
From teachers to doctors, to scientists and business owners, there is a path of excellence for everyone!

To have a complete agricultural education, three components are included in the classes' curriculum:

The classroom/laboratory aspect is guaranteed to every student taking an agriculture class. 
This is the "teacher teaches" part where students learn about agriculture 
and why it is an important industry to have new, active minds in.

, or Supervised Agriculture Experience, is beneficial to learn valuable career skills
and knowledge through a experimental service. This is where students choose a project, activity, 
or business that he/she wants to further their knowledge about and documents their progress in that activity. 
The concentration of this work is decided by the student based on interests, skills, or previous experience.

Why should I join FFA?
When you become a member of FFA, the opportunities that await you are endless! 

Not only will you interact with the fellow members and officers of the Riverdale chapter, 
but you will accompany us to conventions, workshops, leadership programs, and camps.
You can join chapter committees and discuss our community service plans, 
assist in fundraising strategies and help organize our social events. CDEs are also open 
to any member who wants to compete, win awards and scholarships, 
and be recognized by the state and nation.

Selecting an agricultural class does not automatically make you a FFA member so make sure
to talk to your teacher about joining FFA. We are excited for your interest 
and can't wait to make this year the best one yet!


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